Tempting Tempeh, eh?

Tempeh with Berry BBQ, Quinoa and Broccoli

I love tempeh.  I’ve loved it from the beginning with it’s mushroomy earthy taste and my intimate moments learning how to cultivate the bacteria and make it from scratch.  I love that it’s fermented and a source of B12.  I usually just saute it up and add it to stir-fries or crumble it into sauces, so I am usually hesitant to follow recipes for anything elaborate with tempeh.  Tofu needs the flavor assistance, I try to let the tempeh be.  My recent cookbook fav is Eat, Drink and Be Vegan.  Her recipes are easy, simple ingredients but lots of great taste.  It’s been a great resource since I work so much and don’t really have the time to cook for hours at a time.

Her method of coating the tempeh is cornstarch is a familiar (it makes awesome fried tofu with a crispy outside and soft inside).  It was quick to make and versatile.  You can throw it on top of salads or pasta dishes or really whatever needs a protein boost.  I went really simple, on top of quinoa with steamed broccoli and smothered it in a berry BBQ sauce.  It’s basically how I ate in college, fancified.

5 Responses to “Tempting Tempeh, eh?”

  1. Becca Says:

    Oh boy. Now, this is something I can fully support! That looks scrummy, Kim. I really need to get on the homemade tempeh wagon. That sounds like a great wagon.
    From whence did you get your tempeh culture?

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I wish I shared your affinity for tempeh! I must admit, though, that this Berry BBQ tempeh sounds delicious! Good job!

  3. Traci Says:

    mm… my first go at tempeh was the spicy glazed ppk tempeh and I think that was my mistake… I just did too much with it. I think I’ll have to try it simpler. That looks delish!

  4. Jeni Treehugger Says:

    GAH! The only Tempeh I’ve tried is this jar stuff in brine they sell over here. It’s disgusting!
    But I wanna try proper Tempeh for sure. That looks so darn tasty!

  5. kimmykokonut Says:

    I have a homemade tempeh recipe here: http://www.kimmykokonut.com/2007/06/14/tempeh-process-6/

    It only takes a day and a half to make and most of it is passive time. The active time is maybe an hour. I prefer homemade (it freezes well) for the flavor, freshness and cheapness. I can’t imagine brined tempeh! Sounds too intense. I got my culture online at GEM Culture.

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