Who am i?

I am a baker residing in Portland, Oregon.  I recently returned from a 7 month stint in South America, mostly doing volunteer work which included teaching English and vegetarian and vegan cooking. Before that, I went to culinary school in Seattle and worked as a vegan baker, which rocked my world and changed my whole outlook and approach to cooking (for the better).

I hate labels but believe in community.  Therefore, if you must put me into a consumption category, I would consider myself a borderline vegan.  I’ve been vegetarian since 1996 and over the past year have become enlightened and excited about the wide world of veganism.

I really enjoy making food from scratch, fermenting and germinating things and the wide world called “domestic arts”.  I truly believe people are what they eat and I prefer my food to be grown and prepared with love…the closer to the source the better.