Love for Get it Ripe and her Raw Pudding

Smooth and creamy, with all the fat

I recently couldn’t wait anymore. I wasn’t sure what I was waiting for, time to go through other cookbooks, a birthday, pure procrastination? I gave into temptation and bought Get it Ripe and I am really enjoying it. I had to have it because Jae sounds just like me. Or who I think I am. She knows how to grow food, cook food and is a holistic nutrionist (the latter of which I am not, but I am fascinated with nutrition). The first half of the book is nutrition and advice and information about veganism and she talks in such a non-judgemental manner that it’s a pleasure to read (although being yelled at by the Skinny Bitch girls made me laugh). The second half of the book is recipes that I look forward to making. I have a number of cookbooks for different reasons, like VWAV is my comfort food book. I’m not sure where Get it Ripe stands yet but it’s definitely winning a place in my heart. The Southern Bowl dish with chipotle black eyed peas and maple mashed sweet potatoes made me swoon. The raw pudding was a fun adventure. My only advice is to get an avocado that is ripe, NOT overripe. My pudding had great texture and flavor but the old avocado aftertaste was not cool.

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  1. Jeni Treehugger Says:

    Mmmmmmm pudding….I’ve heard nothing but great things about this book. I’m glad you treated yourself to it.
    Oooh Audrey 3 is doing fantastic by the way. She has happily survived the winter and has lots of new shoots growing. All I need to do is get her a companion. I’ve got 7 or 8 pips going at the moment and one of them is just starting to shoot so hopefully this will be her new friend. I’ll keep you posted.

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