What’s been for dinner?

Yumminess over Sun-dried tomato couscous

I’ve had some free time lately and a new pantry to stock. Obviously I have been cooking non-stop and thought I’d share a few meals.

This first dish was a what-to-do with leftovers experiment that came out really well. Broccoli rabe, garlic, roasted red peppers and couscous made with turmeric and sundried tomatoes. Walnut garnish.

Burgers, Soup & Strawberry Lemonade

I made a HUGE batch of pinto beans and burgers seemed a natural way to go. In the mix I put millet, fresh corn off the cob, cilantro and a bunch of spices. I received a giant head of celery two weeks in a row in my produce delivery and am at a loss for what to do with all the celery. One head went into this soup which is mostly celery, potatoes and onions. The lemonade just oozes summer emotions.

Tamale Pie (Louse Hagler’s recipe)

Tamale Pie, Salad & Lemonade

The tamale pie was quite messy but really tasty. I ended up using dried chipotles instead of jalapenos for the recipe and used a little too much. I cried it was so spicy, so I added a lot more cilantro and pinto beans to chill it out. I also added a portabello to the ingredients but it didn’t really stand out among the spice. It was a pretty easy recipe and it was nice to throw it in the oven and work on other things. I served it with a garden salad and more strawberry lemonade (it’s addictive!)

Dijon Chik’n, Kale & Chipotle Couscous

This one is very deja-vu. Lately when I feel overwhelmed by cooking and following recipes I create a new couscous combo and find some greens and a protein to saute. The end results are always tasty, colorful and filling. The “meat” are chik’n strips from Trader Joe’s and they are horrible. Stringy and flavorless, they are not a good substitute. I thought I’d give them a try and will never buy them again. I tried a marinade, sauteeing with a glaze (with a LOT of tamari and sesame oil) and it didn’t want to absorb any of the flavors. My best bet was to dredge it in whole grain dijon mustard and sear it. It helped, but the texture was still gross.

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