Summer Muffin Lovin’


I’ve been enjoying trying all the different kinds of granola at the food co-op but today I wanted muffins!  Based on my tiny pantry selection I had the right ingredients to make VWAV’s corn blueberry muffins but I altered the recipe.  Instead of using soy yogurt I substituted about 1/2 of a banana (mashed) and used fresh strawberries instead of blueberries.  I omitted the lemon zest and added about 1/4 cup of chiffonade basil.

The most beautiful one

YUM!  They were delicious, puffed up and browned nicely and tasted amazing.  I think the banana gave it a nice color and subtle flavor.  I love strawberry and basil and have a bunch of basil seeds in the sprout process.  Hopefully I’ll have a porch full of basil soon enough because to me, basil equals summer.

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