Teese me, go ahead and please me

While I was in Peru, all I read about on people’s food blogs was the magical teese.  And what a tease it was, because there is very little access to vegan cheese outside of Lima.  Luckily, the local dairy cheese was NOT to our liking (unsalted chewy curds), so I was able to banish my addiction to cheese and ice cream while in Peru.

I was excited to find Teese when visiting FoodFight and although the price tag is hefty ($7.50/lb), it’s cheaper than fancy dairy cheese and we thought we’d give it a try.  It’s packaged like a sausage in a red wrapper but slices like fresh mozzarella and has a similar taste and texture to it.  It’s unsalted, and the water content was higher than I thought it would be.

Looks and tastes better than any other faux

I ate it in sandwiches with avocado (and salt!) and tomatoes.  I made a pizza to test the meltability and it did indeed melt.  If I wanted to brown it I had to broil it because baking it longer just seemed to dry out the teese (though it’s not bad crunchy…i will have to make mozz sticks next).  As pizza cheese, it’s perfect.  It’s not super stringy, but it stays together and provides a good mouthfeel.  As nacho cheese, it’s awesome.  I found that after adding the teese to whatever, I needed to salt and spice it to my taste (garlic, black pepper) because alone, it’s a little bland.  But I think it was meant to be like that.

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