My Fasting Report & Coconut Pancakes

Here’s a brief rundown on the fast I just did, because it differed than my other fasts in a few specific ways. This time, we preceded the fast with 5 days of raw food, which has been talked about before. I think eating raw detoxed us significantly because we didn’t lose that much weight during the juice fast. When I have juice fasted before, I’ve lost a max of 4 pounds a day. This time it was more like 1 pound a day. Strange. I didn’t reach the 10% of my body weight, but broke the fast after day 3. We were ready for food and felt 3 days was enough this time.

The first day I had energy, did yoga and went swimming. I only craved potato chips (strange because I rarely eat them). The second day was my hardest. I felt nauseous, dizzy and my blood pressure dropped every time I stood up, causing really brief blackouts. That was usual, my day 2 is usually sucky. The only thing I wanted to eat that day was pudding; I have no idea why. On day 3 I felt good and strong and didn’t have any cravings or felt sick. After we decided to break the fast that night I had trouble sleeping. All I could think about was eating that delicious apple in the morning.

While breaking the fast, we had bigger appetites than ever before. Normally half an apple fills my stomach for breakfast and a bowl of soup for lunch is too much. This time it wasn’t. We ate more soup, more apple and had toast. I don’t know if the raw detox did anything to our metabolism but we were really hungry the whole second day. I got full easily, meaning my stomach was still shrunk and I didn’t overeat, but the hunger came back every few hours. We are now back to “normal,” and I’m excited to be cooking again.

For breakfast today, I made VWAV Coconut Pancakes and they were delicious! I’m getting close to cooking my way through the whole book. The only change I made was substituting water for the maple syrup and using sweetened coconut instead of unsweetened. I usually don’t make pancakes but we watched Music Within during the fast and it made us really want pancakes. The movie is amazing and I highly recommend it.

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