Miscellanous Cooking Facts

I’m always looking this information up. Here it is all in one place.


1 tsp sea salt = 2 Tbl tamari/soysauce/bragg’s = 1 Tbl dark miso = 1.5 Tbl light miso

1:1 wonders Yogurt: Sour Cream; Arrowroot: Cornstarch: Kudzu

1 tsp dried herbs = 1 Tbl fresh herb


1 lemon = 1 fl oz juice = 1 Tbl zest (Limes are about half that)

Baking powder = Baking soda + acid. It reacts twice: when wet and in the presence of heat. If it made a recipe too acidic, add some baking soda.

The batter for 12 cupcakes=8×8″square pan=9″ spring-form=9x13x2″ pan

A full size restaurant pan measures about 13x20x2″ Batter for 3 dozen cupcakes will fit in this pan.

1 vanilla bean= 2 tsp pure extract

1 Tbl agar-agar flakes = 1 tsp gelatin


Gluten is in: wheat, barley and rye. Oats are tricky because while the grain itself doesn’t contain gluten, it is usually processed on the same equipment as flour, which makes it tainted for the Celiacs.
If you are craving sugar and fat, you should eat some grains, beans and vegetable. If you are craving carbs, eat some protein. Not sure how scientific this is, but I read it once and refer to it everytime I want ice cream or a loaf of bread.

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