China Pan: Food of the Gods

Visiting friends and family in Connecticut, I was able to squeeze in a dinner at one of my favorite places to eat in CT. It’s located just past WestFarms mall, in the Borders Books plaza, tucked in the back.

A rite of passage for the vegan hardcore kids, China Pan pleases all. They have food for all omnivores but 3 pages of their menu is devoted to the veg*n community. Lovers of General Tso’s tofu beware, they now offer fake chicken for the General experience.

Every time I go there, I order General Tso’s tofu, sauce on the side and am never disappointed. This time I thought I’d try something new: Vegan Silver Chicken Balls. They were more like a seitan meat than quorn or soy protein chicken subs I’ve had before. It was very meaty, in a brown sauce, tossed with snow peas and some thin noodles on top that tasted like styrofoam (which I liked a lot). The chicken itself was alright, I think I was expecting a lighter, chickeny flavor. The texture was right on and sometimes I think it’s fun that it’s fake and tastes real, and sometimes it unsettles me and I’m constantly doubting if it’s real animal or not. This meat was borderline realistic. I enjoyed it but I think the texture was a bit too realistic. The sauce was flavorful, snow-peas yummy and hooray for styrofoam textured food (cheesepuffs, rice cakes, it must be a childhood pleasure).

Husband ordered the Vegan Citrus Spareribs, which I think were made of the same wheat gluten as the chicken, but they were not in balls, they were more rib-y without the actual bone. It had a sweet glaze (hoisin sauce?) and the citrus was very light but balanced it well. It was served with a ring of steamed broccoli.

For appetizers, I had the vegetarian wonton soup and the scallion pancakes. I am never disappointed by the pancakes. They are more of a doughier bread than a pancake, pan-fried and delicious. The wonton soup was good: tasty broth, yummy wonton wrappers and the filling was filled with green goodness (bok choy? scallions?). My only issue was the filling was a little bland, it could’ve used some salt or garlic or a heat kick of chilies.

My friend got the General Tso’s tofu, and as usual, I was jealous and wished I had ordered my old standby. It was delicious, the tofu was crispy on the outside, pillowy in the middle and the saucy a complex party in my mouth. I am proud of myself for trying something different.

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  1. Bridgid Says:

    Sounds amazing! 3 pages of vegan food!! Yum

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