Super cool online cookbook for caterers or anyone who wants life to be easier.

My husband is happily immersing himself in a much needed field: that of the online cookbook. There is no single program out there that functions efficiently and is easily editable. After finishing my cod at school and spending countless hours costing out each recipe in my menu and figuring out food cost percentage and yield percentages, my husband has been inspired to design the ideal coster/menu planner and more.

It is just entering beta phase, but I’m sure he’d let you play around and give feedback.

Catchy name, eh? Muy intellectual and descriptive. These are some of the features he’s working on:

  • Recipes costed per portion
  • Nutritional info linked to recipes
  • Base cost linked to ingredients
  • Yield percentage of produce taken into account
  • Uploading photos and linking them with recipes
  • Star rating system allows the web to vote on your recipes (if you share them).
  • On-line access to your cookbook.
  • Recipes are printer friendly.
  • You can build a menu, change the total served and it will be costed anew as well as the recipe re-written for the new yield.

How wonderful that two seemingly different career choices have been brought together for a software program that will revolutionize the food industry!

2 Responses to “Super cool online cookbook for caterers or anyone who wants life to be easier.”

  1. Brian Says:

    That’s awesome Kim. It’s great that you can provide the inspiration and knowledge, and Matt can provide the nerd skills. Good luck!

  2. Matt Robinson Says:

    Before anyone goes to try this out yet, just note that it’s very, very beta right now. Okay, pretty much alpha. It’s feature set isn’t complete and there’s some major bugs, but those are getting worked out.

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