Day 17: kokonut kombucha final product!

I chilled a bottle of kombucha after 5 days in the bottle and it’s perfect! Crisp, full of bubbles and muy refrescante. Matt likes it so much that we’ve already drank the whole batch and another one is brewing.  I can’t handle the carbonation in soda but this is a different sort of bubbles.  Happy yeasted bubbles.

Here’s the results of my two tests: 1 Tbl of flavored simple syrup was enough for the 16 fl oz bottle and filling it to the top or 1/4″ to the top didn’t make much of a difference. The first bottle had a baby “jellyfish” in it and Matt drank it and he’s still alive. The remaining bottles didn’t produce scobies.

We’re drinking so much of it I think this will be a constant process throughout the summer of culturing, bottling and consuming. If anyone needs scobies, contact me, I already have more than I can handle.

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